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Hi there,

My name is Ashley Fuller and at my core, I believe everyone deserves a work culture that is diverse and inclusive, drives creativity and rewards authenticity.


"Attitude reflects leadership" - Remember the titans

Working at a Big 4 accounting firm as a forensic accounting consultant for over a decade, I have seen teaming in action, and when it works, it works! The inverse is also true. Experiencing the inverse- an ineffective team, made me want to understand the key elements to creating a team with flow - or what I call conscious collaboration.

The best part of my job has always been coaching members of my team to identify their strengths and direct them toward reaching their goals. I love helping team members strategize and identify differentiating opportunities with their strengths top of mind.  


Early in my career, I started to take note of my collaboration style - how I communicated, delegated and gave feedback. I noticed that my most successful teams had several common themes, but the one I think punctuated the team's efficiency was my ability to understand the goals and strengths of my team members and use that knowledge to provide complementary opportunities where they could THRIVE.

As my passion for understanding team dynamics and work cultures increased, I started doing more research around high-performing teams, which led me to CliftonStrengths and strength-based teaming. The forensic accountant in me sought to understand the data that supported the strength-based teaming framework, and it just so happens that Gallup Inc., is a global analytics and advisory company where Don Clifton conducted research on building exceptional workplaces using a Strengths-Based approach. Their research proved that the process I developed for managing my teams was a part of a broader statistically sound framework that could be implemented at scale.


Interestingly, the catalyst for me becoming a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach was not all of the successful teams I'd led, instead, it was the teams that never reached their full potential. Everyone deserves a work culture that provides them with opportunities to THRIVE, and I've learned it starts with the attitude and mindset of the leader.

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My mission is to help founders build a thriving work culture that creates an optimal level of performance and allows each team member to feel uniquely seen.

Conscious Collaboration - A state where team members have optimal performance by intentionally leveraging their strengths to grow their competencies, communication and confidence

education and certifications



  • Howard University - B.S. - Accounting 

  • The Ohio State University - Masters in Accounting

  • Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths Coach

  • International Coaching Federation Member

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Facilitator 


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Top 5 CliftonStrengths

  1. Positivity 

  2. Empathy

  3. Connectedness

  4. Developer

  5. Restorative 

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